Hope In A Blanket
Francesca collected 44 gently used blankets the day of CUPCAKE CAMP! Thank- you Santa Barbara for all your support! Hopefully your day was "SWEETER" too!
Welcome to Hopeinablanket.com,  a website set up by Francesca Davis to help collect blankets for the  homeless & less fortunate.   We are committed to making the world a warmer and more giving place.  Hope you can help!   read more about Francesca & her amazing cause!

              Please join 10 year old Francesca with her cause!
                             Donate a gently used blanket
                                        to the
                                 "Hope In A Blanket" 
           table at Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara 2011
                   and receive 1 extra cupcake tasting ticket! 
                                        ** ticket redeemable at any cupcake table-YUM!



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